If you’re trying to get your name and your brand out there, then you know all about the various kinds of marketing that are going to be waiting for you in terms of your competition.  So, how are you supposed to stay on top of it all with the newest trends and techniques to get everything right?  It’s hard, there’s no question, so we’re here with the reminder to go visual, because that’s what will attract a potential customer’s attention.  Here are 5 popular ways to get them to give you a second glance.


No one wants to see a huge block of text when it comes to reading up on a company because it tends to be overwhelming.  If you’re looking for a way to keep them reading, keep your posts short and sweet, and also make sure that you split them up with related but entertaining images so that the reader will actually continue on through your marketing material and get to the end, where you would be able to push the product or the sale or whatever else you need to do to keep their interest.  It’s great for making sure that you get them to read the whole thing.  Pick your images carefully and they’ll help you build better content.

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If you have a business that requires a lot of statistics and data that your customer needs to know about, you have to remember that customers are known for being bored easily.  If you fog them with a bunch of numbers, it won’t entice them to actually care about what you’re saying.  So, draw them in with infographics.  Infographics use charts, graphs and small blurbs of text that get the data to the customer and help them to care about what they’re reading so that they are going to be able to understand it all.

These tend to be colour coded to grab their attention even further, and it’s even better if they have small animations or images within them.  It makes it easier for the reader to understand and remember the data so that it’s more meaningful to them, which translates to you having someone interested in what you’re saying.

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Videos are great for getting people’s attention because they’re fun to watch and they present data in an engaging way.  Animated videos are even better because they’ll be sweet and funny and will allow you to mask your marketing intent within the animations so that the viewer won’t even really understand that they are reading promotional material for your business until it’s done.  When a video is done right, it can often convert the viewer into a paying customer, too.

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The thing to remember about a tool like this is that it is well worth your time and money to look into it, no matter what your business is.  It’s often thought that an animated video (a simple one or complex) is up to 300% more successful than any other kind of marketing option out there.  If you want viewers to click on the link to get your website, this is one of the absolute best things that you can do to get them to make that choice in your favour.

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If you’re someone who is interested in keeping things classic with a slide show – which are still popular to this day – then presentations are also great marketing tools, and yes, they can be shared online.  Just like every other kind of option, there are domains and programs that are entirely dedicated to uploading existing slide shows and sharing them with those that would like to view them.  This is great for combining board meetings with public marketing options, too, which can present another option to you depending on the market that you’re trying to reach.

As you’ve been learning, however, it’s best if you seriously look at the idea of making sure that you put some time and focus into making sure that the slideshows are image heavy and focused on making sure that you get the point across in as engaging a way as possible.

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Odds are that you know that memes are great in a social setting, but you’ll be able to use them in a professional setting to make sure that you engage your audience.  Memes are the biggest thing these days, and it seems as though they are here to stay, which is great to use as a marketing aid.  Make them relevant to your business and your point, but make sure you stay within the right meme.  Your audience doesn’t want to feel as though you are forcing the message into the meme, it has to feel organic.

Memes can be tricky because they are always changing and updating with new ones coming out, but the trick is to make sure that you always try to get it as accurate as possible. Using it correctly will get you all of the excellent audience members that you want who will actually want to read your marketing data.

The key to remember in all of that is that visual content is king.  No matter which of these types appeals to you most, give them all a go and make sure that you are getting the attention that you deserve.  You and your business should be amongst the high flyers if you just remember to use these tricks to keep yourself on the market in terms of the way that you actually do your online marketing.  Viewers want to be wooed, so show them that you care about them and their needs by creating marketing content that is going to engage them.

So, what type of visual content have you used in your online marketing?

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